What my blog is all about

Since I've been feeling so overwhelmed with ALL the things I imagine that I have to do, I thought: Why Not write a blog about it! And so here I am on the radar, a very, very small blip, with my very first blog. I will probably ramble on about the Suchness of my life, the small things that irritate me and the many small magnificent and beautiful things I am able to enjoy as well.

I will share my experience of starting my very first organic garden, raising our very first puppy together and might add a couple of our holiday pics or a photo of what I had for breakfast.Who knows! So, all in all = a regular blog. It might be interesting, it might not. Whether you find it entertaining or not I hope you find some sort of value from reading it. I have found that I always feel better reading about other people's issues... then my own problems seem so much more insignificant - maybe my moaning will make you feel better?