Who we are

Hunny: My very awesome and extremely intelligent boyfriend (he reads my blog so I have to kiss ass ;) Handsome, cynical and extremely straight-forward! He has some of my greatest ideas and makes SUCH fabulous food that he's worth keeping just for that. Extra-dry and very special sense of humour, I'd say a semi-wooded Brut Champagne. In a very short period of time he has close to succeeded in making ALL of my dreams come true. <3
Shala: My childhood dream-horse and 'Our' Arab mare. She is about 6 yo. and very very clever. Lekker hardegat ook, nes haar ma (Translated: even on a bad day she's too cute for words). She's backed and I'm attempting to train her for endurance riding. For those who are really interested in her bloodlines, Charie Shala (Tamara Al Shama x Charie Ramila), she's got some legendary horses in her pedigree, especially on the mother's side, which is the side in horses that I value the most.

Frikkie: aka Pikkewyntjie is a double-fluffy black and white cat. He secretly believes he rules the roost and will keep all strange cats off the premises. Our little guard-cat ;)

Sashi: Our Norweigain Forest cat who fondly refers to himself as The King. He is allowed everywhere in the house that he pleases (except the dining room table/counter-tops) and rules with a fluffy paw. The only reason he's still allowed to be king = because his tummy is So super fluffy and he allows you to rub it - almost like a little Buddha good luck charm, which I'm sure nobody can ever get enough of. Let me rub it again... ahhh, so soooft. :)

Jenni or Genevieve: Our most gorgeous, cute and cuddly Irish red setter puppy. She has distinctive charm, giving rise to her other nickname Je ne sais quoi, which means an intangible, attractive quality).

Me: also known as Nellie, or chilli-pit, <when I'm in a good mood>. (have they figured the 'sarcastic font' out yet? Anybody who knows, pls inbox me).
I see myself as a very capable scientist (researcher) with a keen interest in genetics, but also a whole lot of other (WAY too many) things (list in complete profile). I'm a little cooky, sometimes odd and obsessive, but I'm not all that bad ;) Hunny suspects that I have a fear of completing things... this is probably very true, judging by the 100s of unfinished projects lying very patiently in 'my' room. Speaking of which - I should sort my room out ASAP! I used to think that I have loads of patience... recently not so convinced anymore. I love building BIG (5000 piece and up) puzzles, especially when on holiday at the beach. I like to read, eat and have fun. I enjoy good wine - however, along with all the scrumptious food we've been eating since I met Hunny (in 2009), it has a tendency to put some weight on... so I let Hunny screen the wines for me and I only taste the really good ones ;) Did I mention my absolute cleverness ;)

The House: We all live in a house, wait - the MOST AWESOME house, in the Northern suburbs, Cape Town, South Africa. It was designed and built to near perfection and is miles better than even I could ever have imagined! Shows you how life can sometimes surprise you! We officially moved in on 9? December 2010. Building was officially completed Feb 2011, although it sometimes feels like it's never ended, with plumbers, electricians, landscapers and the like still finishing/fixing things (it's the norm in SA and still counts as being built to near-perfection). Don't you just love this country!
Our country: South Africa. Unlike most Americans I don't quite believe that my country is the best ever in the ENTIRE world (on most accounts), however I'm quite sure it's WAY better than anywhere in America! :P I have no desire to live anywhere else and although I wish people would just catch a wake-up I love living here.