09 February 2012

Welcome to Africa!

OMG, this wind is driving me insane! here in the Cape we have the strongest and most persistent wind for most of Summer :P it so sucks!! If it's not the rain (which results in 3 days of mud in our clay soil), it's the heat or the wind that gets you. This makes any sort of outdoor activity more challenging than it's worth, so the horse's exercise and garden work is much less than it could have been given more acceptable weather conditions.

With our living in the house for over a year already, I have finally arranged for extra "unpaid" leave, so that I can sort out the garden and all of the mess left by builders and slack landscapers :P and now... both my gardeners didn't turn up for the day :( and there such a  lot of work still to be done! Everywhere I turn I can see things I've been trying to ignore until I had some help, and now my help = MIA. And the help that is still there (aka garden services) have once again cut our lawn so short that it's ruining all the hard work I've put into it already! It's a different grass (Berea LM) to the regular kikuyu that most people have in their yard. Berea is indigenous to SA and needs less water & maintenance if the garden services didn't insist on cutting it almost to the roots! And I've explained this to the owner on more than 2 occasions! This makes me so mad! It really, Really, REALLY irritates me when people still don't do things the way I want it after I took the trouble to explain it 2 times already!!

The problem is that there are so few people here in Africa that can actually do a half decent job, that if I fire everyone who doesn't do things the way I asked I would have no one to help me at all :P I am now just so "siek en sat" of waiting FOR EVER before things get even half done! Plus all the rampant plants, depleted soil that need replacing, unsown seeds and overgrown hedges, etc that I see all over the place makes me want to run away and hide in a small dark place till it's fixed itself :( ...

but somehow I don't quite see that happening! :P

At least by Opal basil is growing beautifully! :)

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