11 June 2012

To do lists, bugs and Art

The 31st of May was my very last day of sorting through my files, old papers, notes, etc at work. All the scribbled ideas of what to look into next, rough illustrations of physiological networks that could mean something very significant in future... I threw them all away... well, most of them. As from June 2012 I've officially been unemployed and even though I do have a good couple of plans up my sleeve and some good projects lined up I feel somewhat vulnerable. I studied for 6 whole years in order to obtain 3 degrees behind my name, as a surety for my future financial security, and now I discard all those accolades for the unknown on a road often travelled, but seldom excelled at.

Jelly saying Howzit :)

Emotionally it is extremely hard to discard of all the proof of my work done for the past 4 years, however it is also an act of freeing myself from a weight of responsibility and closing a chapter on what will likely never be my role to play again. It feels enlightening and yet terrifying at the same time. Following the euphoria that resulted from finally being rid of the old responsibilities of scientific research I had to feed the addiction by clearing up some of my very old memoirs at home as well. That was almost even more of a challenge and still a work in progress, since it spans a much longer period and the items have even more sentimental value. However, I am determined to be able to walk to the end of my room without falling over 8 to 12 boxes of Crap! Indeed: some of the boxes are actually labeled "old crap". It's not an easy task at all, especially since I'm quite the hoarder, but in order to move forward you have to discard some of the past or at least make some space to store the new crap ;) So some old sh!t had to go.

The 'Bug hotel' - good bugs sleep for free ;)

What else have I been up to? Well, I have actually started doing some physical painting work - I feel very relieved at how natural the process is already starting to feel. :) Other than that I have a good couple of To do's on the list, like the 2 remainders on the house snag list, the chickens who all seem to be broody in the middle of winter. I must also design a new trellis for the back yard, attend to the compost heaps, order mirrors for the main bathroom, get some things from the pharmacy, order new dog food, pick and edit some photos for the new frames in the guest bathroom and then still prod Hunny a bit to get the 'guy' tasks sorted! Sheesh, where will I find the time to paint? :( and where will I find time for Facebook?!!

Ordering dog food may sound like an minute task to mention, but we are experimenting a little with a more natural diet for our pooch, which has required some research and sourcing of suitable quality products. Thus far I am super impressed! Remember how Jenn used to be SO full of nonsense and took almost an entire day to eat her food, and how I used to struggle to get weight on her? You should see her now! Perfect condition! Lean, as a setter should be, but no more ribs showing, shiny coat, no more little scabs on her skin. Another little problem which is likely diet related has also been resolved since I've stopped feeding her dog pellets. And she finishes her 400 g of food twice a day as soon as I turn my back and give the ok. I am honestly amazed. I first started off with a diet of cooked rice and veg plus a good dose of minced meat. Later I bought some raw chopped up meat and veg from a BARF diet supplier and recently we have switched over to a RAW meaty bone diet plus a little bit of my brown rice, carrot and beetroot (or split peas/lentils/green beans) stew to make it work out a little cheaper. The proof is certainly in the pudding - and she wolfs it down like dessert, but not only does she Love her food, she now has clear skin and no more other hassles, which makes me very happy.

On the menu currently, besides my stew mix is RAW chicken livers, necks, wings, fillet strips, lean beef mince, ostrich hearts, the occasional sheep's liver, minced fish and a squart of some multi- vit and Omega 3 oil. We're also trying out a few RAW pork shoulder ribs, meaty ostrich bones, pig trotters etc for some variety and to chew on. This dog is LOVING it! All she could ask for now is a little brother or sister ;) and more walkies, but I'll get to that in due course... 

I go through stages that I feel so overwhelmed by ALL the things that I still need to sort through or get to that I clamp shut, mentally, from the world around me and all I can do then is mindless facebooking. :P I have to get into some sort of routine here at home - it's almost unsettling to suddenly have all your time completely to yourself! Flexi-time to the extreme. In order to make progress and not be overtaken by house duties I will have to find a very disciplined way that will help to structure my time properly for best productivity in a balanced fashion. Uhh, yeah... structure. Balance. Who honestly has time for that?! 

Jenny and Frikkie spending some time in my new 'studio' :)

I Haven't been in the garden much, due to the pouring rain, but I have managed to also sow some snow peas, shallots and harvested our very first organic limes today :) I feel so chuffed! I also arranged a little watering pot in the back next to a Cape honeysuckle, where the sunbirds love to feast, so hopefully that might attract a few more wildlife creatures to the garden. I'm not sure whether I've mentioned our bug hotel we painstakingly constructed and put up for the bugs to overwinter? It's actually a post-box that was revamped into what I hope will be good bug heaven. We shall have to wait and see.

Hummingbird waterhole under a dripping tap.

Often I hit a mental wall with all the little thoughts of what all I still have to get done. :( I'm not so sure how I'm going to solve this little problem? I can't do my best at being creative if I'm constantly reminding myself of the other responsibilities I have to sort through, but I can also not just leave the tasks on my To do list, because they are My responsibilities. Sigh! 

Last week at the doctor's rooms was the very first time that I erased my old occupation off the front cover of my account details and wrote: Artist! :) It was slightly weird, but felt great. :) I feel extremely lucky to be able to venture down this road by choice and not by necessity, because I still have a few other options but I get to choose this one! And that before the age of 31.

Oh yes, I turned 30 the other day (in March)! One of my Birthday resolutions are to tackle less new projects/ tasks at a time. I first wish to complete some of the To Do's already on the endless list and I'll try my very best not to add much to the list until end of June... but it's much easier said than done! 

The 2 Roosters and their gals ;)

Our chickens are quickly becoming a little over-populated in their doll house version of a coop, so I want to split the 2 breeds into different parts of the garden! Top for the Silkies, bottom for the Pekins. Although that might spark some fighting between the 2 roosters who are still relatively good buddies at this stage. Hmmm? :/ not so sure what to do there...? Oh yes, I learned a new icon... :/ I know, I'm sometimes slow like that ;)

Now that I am the master of my own time and can go riding any time of the day or night that I please I plan on getting Shala (the horse) a little more fit and ready to do another short endurance ride at the end of winter. Hmmm, so much for  Birthday resolutions! :P

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